SM Pest Control:

Our technicians are trained to the high standards and are fully certificated to carry out pest control work safely and professionally. Our service is discrete, we use unmarked vans. SM Pest Control work to the standards required by and are proud to be accredited to the National Pest Technicians Association.

We deal with all the problems that pests cause and the concerns to people, animals, businesses, private properties, commercial, agricultural, lawns, equestrian, retail, office and shops. If you have a problem we have almost certainly come across it before.

Problems caused by Rodents:

Problems caused by Rodents:

  • Any rodent activity may cause substantial and costly damage to electrical and IT/computer wiring and cause a potential fire hazard
  • Contamination and risk of disease from urine and faeces
  • Costly damage to paper, textiles, crops, foodstuffs and building structures
  • Potential loss of custom and business reputation, in particular within the food, retail and leisure industries
  • Possible contravention of Health and Safety legislation, resulting in court fines or prohibition notice
We Can Provide:
We investigate and find where infestations are harbouring and why! We also carry out night surveys/counts around buildings to see what you are faced with. We find where the largest infestations are, so we can ensure and implement a plan of control. Rat and mouse eradication, Preventative measures to minimize risk of rodent access to premises, Treatment and documentation in compliance with current legislation, Independent audit reports in compliance with 1986 Control of Pesticides Regulations & adherence to COSHH.
Problems caused by insects

Problems caused by insects:

  • Spread of disease
  • Stings and bites
  • Reduced custom
  • Damage to company reputation
  • Contamination of foodstuffs
  • Damage to food/textiles, goods and crops etc.
We can provide:
Fly Control Units, service and maintenance of existing units, Fly screens, Insect monitoring units, Insect eradication, Insect identification service, Treatment & documentation in compliance with food safety legislation.
Why use SM Pest Control

Why use SM Pest Control:

  • 25 years experience in pest control, we have certainly come across the problem before.
  • We use only environment friendly products to ensure safety for customers and staff.
  • SM Pest Control staff are checked with the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • Pest control is something we take very seriously, our reputation depends on us keeping yours.
How we work:
Providing the correct solution first time is the key to our success. We carry out detailed inspections make accurate pest identification and advise a treatment strategy. Our commitment to integrated pest management is the key to the protection of your home or business. We are committed to resolve your pest issue in a professional and timely manner.

Pests Safely & Humanely removed

SM Pest Control remove:- Mice | Rats | Rodents | Fleas | Flies | Cluster Flies | Wasps | Moths | Ants | Silverfish | Cockroaches | Bedbugs | Squirrels | Rabbits | Foxes | Moles | Pigeons


An Established Family Run Business

SM Pest control is a family run business that is well established and continues to grow through recommendations from new and existing customers across East Anglia.